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Guido Cervone

I was born in Napoli, Italy and I moved to the U.S.A. at the age of 16.

I am married to Janejira. She fascinates me with her Thai heritage, culture and taste.

Janejira and I have a son, Alberto, and a daugter, Victoria, who fill our days (and nights) with joy and happiness.

I have a B.S. (1998) and M.S. (2000) in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Ph.D. (2005) in Computational Sciences and Informatics.

I love sailing and skiing, which unfortunatelly I do not get to practice often. I have a 28' sailboat and a 420 dinghy. I used to sail with my wife a Tornado catamaran, but proved to be too dramatic for us. I am active in racing on the Chesapeake bay on big boats, and I sometime crew for long passages.

I enjoy riding motorcycles, and always looking forward to trade for a new one.


With most of my family -- some members were not born yet, and others, unfortunatelly, are no longer with us.

(left) Nonno Guido, zia Lucia, Me, Jane, nonna Anna, my mom, Alberto small
and Alberto big, nonno Costante, zia Selene, and my other nonna Anna


One of the happiest days!

Atomium, Bruxells


GBT Radio Telescope, WV

Guido Cervone
Associate Professor
Department of Geography and Institute for CyberScience
The Pennsylvania State University
Affiliate Scientist
Research Application Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research